A Bad USA Customer Only Wants To Cheat Free Battery

- Sep 12, 2017 -

2 months ago,one of USA customer bought some 18650 li-ion rechargeable batteries from us.At that time,when we confirmed if he needed BCM for battery or not,he replied us all could be decided by our factory,they have no requirement in size.Actually the length for battery should not be more than 66.05mm.So considering safety,we add BCM for free.Secondly,for the positive and negtive of lithium battery,they did not mention theirs are opposite,so we produce as standard.It's totally correct in this field.When they received the battery,they found it's not working.Actually it's not our mistake,considering long-term relationship,we positively produced new battery 18650 for them to start project,and they only need afford shipping charge.While they are not willing to afford any cost,even it's their own mistake.So they complained with Paypal.Finally Paypal did not return money to them on the condition of enough evidence.So here we want to expose such bad businessman,the boss's name is Isaac,the engineer is Philip.Pls be careful.

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