Solar Power Batteries

Solar Power Batteries

Solar power batteries Type: Pack Chemistry: Li-ion Nominal Voltage (V): 7.4v Capacity (mAh): 8000 Max Continuous Discharge Current: 24A Max Discharge Current: 48A Battery Charging Current: 2A Weight: 8kg Dimensions: 30*20*500px Avg. Temperature Ranges for Charging: <55℃ Discharging: 45℃...

Product Details

Solar power batteries 


Type:                                                                        Pack          

Chemistry:                                                               Li-ion     

Nominal Voltage (V):                                               7.4v   

Capacity (mAh):                                                       8000     

Max Continuous Discharge Current:                     24A

Max  Discharge Current:                                         48A  

Battery Charging Current:                                       2A

Weight:                                                                      8kg            

Dimensions:                                                             30*20*500px  

                                                                                   Avg. Temperature Ranges for    

Charging:                                                                  <55℃

Discharging:                                                             45℃

Storage:                                                                     25±5℃

PCB/Pack Protection(for single cell voltages):  

Over Charge Cutoff Voltage:                                   4.35 ± 0.025V     

We have two types of battery cell for the pack: 18650 lithium battery and
lithiumpolymer battery.  As for the raw material of the battery cell, we can
use NCM or LiFePO4 according to customer’s specification.  Compared
to NCM, LiFePO4 has longer cycle life and is more safer, but of course
the cost would be higher.We will prepare detail proposals for our customer
according to their specification.


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